20-25 September 2010 in Cargese, Corsica

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09h25-09h50 Registration

09h50-09h55 Opening Remarks

09h55-10h45 Keith Moffatt, Some topological aspects of dynamo theory

10h45-11h05 Coffee

11h05-11h55 Jonathan Mestel, A fully nonlinear, pressure-driven laminar dynamo

11h55-12h20 Konrad Bajer, Decaying quantum turbulence

12h20-15h30 Lunch and scientific discussion

15h30-16h00 Coffee and Poster Session

16h00-16h50 Dave Galloway, ABC flows then and now

16h50-17h15 Nic Brummell, Essentially nonlinear dynamos

17h15-17h40 Franck Plunian, Fully turbulent Roberts dynamo at low Pm

17h40-17h55 Poster previews

18h00- Welcome cocktail


09h00-09h50 Jean-François Donati, Magnetic fields of low mass stars: the many faces of the dynamo

09h50-10h15 Douglas Gough, Pattern formation in rapidly oscillating peculiar A stars

10h15-10h40 Michel Rieutord, Turbulence at the solar surface

10h40-11h00 Coffee

11h00-11h50 Nigel Weiss, Reflections on magnetoconvection

11h50-12h15 Neal Hurlburt, New views of solar magnetoconvection

12h20-15h30 Lunch and scientific discussion

15h30-16h00 Coffee and Poster Session

16h00-16h50 Stephan Fauve, Field reversals

16h50-17h15 Caroline Nore, Nonlinear MHD problems in heterogeneous domains

17h15-17h40 Rainer Hollerbach, Magnetorotational instabilities in Taylor-Couette flow

17h40-18h05 François Rincon, Nonlinear dynamics of the MRI


09h00-09h50 Laurette Tuckerman, Codimension-two points in hydrodynamics à la Proctor

09h50-10h15 Jon Dawes, Localised patterns in continuum and coupled-cell systems

10h15-10h40 Steve Houghton, Complex Ginzburg-Landau equation in finite domains - transient chaos

10h40-11h00 Coffee

11h00-11h25 Marie Farge, Wavelets to study 3D homogeneous MHD turbulence

11h25-11h50 Geoff Vasil, Dynamic bifurcations in melting boundary convection

11h50-12h15 François Pétrélis, Effects of multiplicative noise on instabilities: applications to the dynamo instability

12h20-14h00 Lunch

Boat trip (time to be confirmed)


09h00-09h50 Keith Julien, The non-hydrostatic balanced geostrophic equation

09h50-10h15 Andrew Soward, Localised rotating convection

10h15-10h40 Chris Jones, Compressible anelastic dynamos

10h40-11h00 Coffee

11h00-11h25 Peter Frick, Secondary flows and large-scale structures in turbulent convection

11h25-11h50 Dan Moore, Salt fingers

11h50-12h15 Pascale Garaud, Double-diffusive behaviour at high and low Prandtl number

12h20-15h30 Lunch and scientific discussion

15h30-15h55 Coffee and Poster Session

16h20-16h45 Dave Gubbins, Influence of buoyancy profile on the geomagnetic field

16h45-17h10 Andy Jackson, Towards an inviscid treatment of the Earth's core

17h10-18h00 Mike Proctor, Dynamos and magnetoconvection - past, present and future

19h30- Conference Barbecue


09h00-9h25 Axel Brandenburg, From Malkus-Proctor to Galloway-Proctor

09h25-09h50 Paul Bushby, Convectively driven dynamos in a compressible layer

09h50-10h15 David Cébron, Tide induced magnetic fields and tide driven dynamos

10h15-10h40 Rodion Stepanov, Magnetic and cross-helicity effect on the small-scale dynamo

10h40-11h00 Coffee

11h00-11h25 Martin Schrinner, Oscillatory dynamo models and implications for the solar dynamo

11h25-11h50 Igor Rogachevskii, Effect of stratified turbulence on magnetic flux concentrations

11h50-12h15 Laurène Jouve, Magnetic buoyancy and solar dynamo models

12h20-14h00 Lunch

14h00-14h25 Krzysztof Mizerski, Convective dynamo in a stratified plane layer

14h25-14h50 Sacha Brun, New steps towards a global MHD model of the Sun

14h50-15h15 Anvar Shukurov, On the nonlinear state of the fluctuation dynamo




Alexandros Alexakis, Dynamo bifurcations at infinite Prandtl number

Sebastien Aumaitre, Impact of the Boundary Conditions on the VKS experimental dynamo

Nicolas Bessolaz, Hunting down giant cells in deep stellar convective zones

Basile Gallet, Accretion can destabilize Taylor-Couette flow

Peter Mann, A Modified Buoyancy Algorithm for a Flux Transport Dynamo Model

Rui Pinto, 3D MHD transition from the convection zone to the chromosphere

Katy Richardson, Effects of alpha-effect fluctuations on simple nonlinear dynamo models

Antoine Strugarek, Title TBA

Jinendrika Weliwita, Skew-varicose instability of 2D generalized SH model equations