Centre Emile Borel

WORKSHOP, March 16 - 20, 2009

IHP, Amphitéatre Darboux

Monday 16 March, 2009
9h-11h Registration (welcome coffee at 10:30am)
11h-12h30 Review: M. Proctor: Low order dynamo models and the role of symmetry [Slides]
12h30-14h Lunch
14h-14h45 F. Stefani: Liquid metal experiments on dynamo action and magnetic instabilties
14h45-15h30 A. Soward: MHD shear layers in spherical Couette flow with conducting walls
15h30-16h00 Break
16h-17h30 Posters:
N. Berkoff: The anelastic approximation: magnetic buoyancy and convection
A.S. Brun: 3-D models of the solar global magnetism and dynamics: recent progress
A. Courvoisier: The influence of spatial correlations on mean induction and diffusion
C.R. Davies: The electromotive force generated by the magnetic buoyancy instability
E. Dormy & D. Gérard-Varet: Time scales separation for dynamo action
L. Goudard: dynamo region geometry controlling stars and planets
W. Herreman: Kinematic dynamo of inertial waves in a rotating cylinder
A. Ribeiro: An interior penaly galerkin method for the mhd equations in heterogeneous domains
K. Richardson: Effects of alpha-effect fluctuations on simple nonlinear dynamo models
N. Schaeffer: Quasi-geostriphic waves in the Earth core
O.M. Umurhan: Analysis of the magnetorotational instability in a thin-gap Taylor-Couette model
17h30 Cocktail
Tuesday 17 March, 2009
9h-10h30 Review: U. Christensen: Planetary magnetism and dynamos
10h30-11h Break
11h-11h45 A. Tilgner: Variations on the Roberts dynamo
11h45-12h30 K. Mizerski: Alpha effect in an ideal fluid generated by magneto-elliptic instability
12h30-14h Lunch
14h-15h30 Review: A. Jackson: Observational constraints on the geodynamo [References]
15h30-16h Break
16h-16h45 D. Jault: Flows and magnetic fields in the Earth's core interior as infered from the historical secular variation
16h50-17h10 L. Petitdemange: Magnetospheric MRI and planetary dynamos / Linear and nonlinear developments
Wednesday 18 March, 2009
9h-10h30 Review: D. Hughes: Fast dynamos [Slides]
10h30-11h Break
11h-11h45 P. Hoyng: Multiplicative noise in Geodynamo models
11h45-12h30 F. Pétrélis: Model for the dynamical regimes of the VKS experiment
12h30-14h Lunch
14h-15h30 Review: A. Schekochinhin: Turbulent dynamo and MHD turbulence
15h30-16h Break
16h-16h20 J. Burguete: Azimuthal twist influence on the dynamo threshold in axisymmetrical flows
16h25-16h45 A. Giesecke: Implications of 3D velocity distributions on the generation of magnetic fields in the VKS experiment
16h50-17h10 C. Gissinger: Numerical simulations and models for turbulent dynamos
Thursday 19 March, 2009 2009
9h-10h30 Review: E. Knobloch: The magnetorotational instability [Slides]
10h30-11h Break
11h-11h45 C. Jones: Dynamos in rapidly rotating convecting systems
11h45-12h30 I. Rogachevskii: Three kinds of non-helical mean field dynamos with 3D shearing waves
12h30-14h Lunch
14h-14h45 A. Gilbert: Spreading of vortices: closing the stability loop
14h45-15h05 T. Rogers: On the Interaction of Internal Gravity Waves and Magnetic Fields
15h10-15h30 E. Buchlin: Turbulent dynamo at very low and high magnetic Prandtl numbers
15h30-16h Break
16h-16h20 M. Schrinner: Saturation and time dependence of geodynamo models
16h25-16h45 B. Gallet: Dynamical regimes of magnetic field in a spherical kinematic dynamo model: from field reversals to hemispherical dynamos
Friday 20 March, 2009
9h-10h30 Review: N. Weiss: Solar and Stellar Magnetic Fields
10h30-11h Break
11h-11h20 F. Plunian: Deciphering solar turbulence from sunspots records?
11h25-11h45 F. Rincon: Do Larmor-scale instabilities affect the global dynamics of weakly collisional magnetized astrophysical plasmas?
11h50-12h10 C. Cambon: Strong anisotropy in rotating MHD flows: statistics and dynamics
12h10-12h30 Conclusions
12h30-14h Lunch