Mathematical Aspects of Natural Dynamos

Caramulo, Portugal, August 31 - September 6 , 2003.

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SUNDAY (31/08)
9h-21h30 Arrival in Coimbra (Physics Department)
18h00 1st bus transfer to Caramulo
21h30 2nd bus transfer to Caramulo
MONDAY (01/09)
9h30-10h30 Invited: Introduction to self-excited dynamo action Part.1 Pr. Michael Proctor
10h30-11h00 Break
11h00-12h00 Invited: Introduction to self-excited dynamo action Part2. Pr. Michael Proctor
12h00-12h30 Discussion
14h-15h00 Invited: Introduction to Fast Dynamos Dr. Andrew Gilbert
15h00-15h15 Discussion
15h15-15h45 Break
15h45-16h15 "single slide" presentation of posters (1st part)
16h15-17h15 Contributed talks
17h15-18h00 "single slide" presentation of posters (2nd part)
18h00-19h30 Posters
TUESDAY (02/09)
9h00-10h00 Invited: Introduction to MHD turbulence Pr. Fausto Cattaneo
10h00-10h15 Discussion
10h15-10h45 Break
10h45-12h30 Contributed talks
14h-15h00 Invited: Asymptotic results on rotating and MHD flows Pr. Andrew Soward
15h00-15h15 Discussion
15h15-15h30 Break
15h30-16h30 Invited: Rotating convection Pr. Friedrich Busse
16h30-17h00 Discussion
17h00-19h00 Posters
22h00 Astronomy night
9h00-10h00 Invited: Introduction to the Geodynamo Pr. David Fearn
10h00-10h15 Discussion
10h15-10h30 Break
10h30-11h30 Invited: Introduction to Planetary dynamos Pr. Christopher Jones
11h30-11h45 Discussion
11h45-12h30 Contributed talks
P.M. Outing
THURSDAY (04/09)
9h00-10h00 Invited: Turbulence in Planetary interiors Pr. Paul Roberts
10h00-10h15 Discussion
10h15-10h45 Break
10h45-11h45 Contributed talks
11h45-12h15 Roundtable on planetary dynamos
14h-15h00 Invited: Introduction to Stellar dynamos Pr. Nigel Weiss
15h00-15h15 Discussion
15h15-15h45 Break
15h45-17h30 Contributed talks
17h30-18h00 Roundtable on stellar dynamos
19h30 BBQ
FRIDAY (05/09)
9h00-10h00 Invited: Introduction to Galactic dynamos Pr. Anvar Shukurov
10h00-10h15 Discussion
10h15-10h45 Break
10h45-11h05 Contributed talks
11h05-11h45 Discussion of the posters
11h45-12h30 Roundtable on open issues with natural dynamos
14h00-14h30 Roundtable on numerical simulations
14h30-15h30 Invited: Survey of experimental results Dr. Philippe Cardin
15h30-15h45 Discussion
15h45-16h15 Break
16h15-17h35 Contributed talks
17h15-17h45 Roundtable on experiments
SATURDAY (06/09)
10h Transfer to Coimbra
Visit of Coimbra University, the Physics Museum, the University Baroque library.