A European "GdR" is an international "Groupe de Recherche", or scientific coordination network. The European GdR on Dynamo, or GdR Dynamo, is a network which gathers several european groups involved in dynamo theory. Its aim is to organise regular joint meetings and prompt scientific collaborations.

Dynamo theory has become a fast-developing interdisciplinary research field in recent years. Progress has been achieved on a variety of fronts: on the observational description of natural dynamos (in particular planets and stars), on numerical modelling, on laboratory experiments and on the theoretical understanding. Further progress is expected in the coming years in particular through cross fertilisation of these approaches across thematic boundaries. To achieve interdisciplinary progress, it is essential that the research teams working across Europe on these complementary fields get together on a very regular basis. This will improve the circulation of information across labs and will most probably prompt new collaborations in research.

The aim of the European GdR Dynamo is to organise regular scientific conferences gathering members of the different signatory Parties, as well as external interested participants. One plenary conference is organised each year in one of the country taking part in this Network. The aim of this conference is to ensure cross-fertilisation and a wide circulation of ideas and recently obtained results. The network also organises satellite meetings. These are shorter meetings, aiming at a smaller number of members in each institution, focused on a particular aspect in which results were recently obtained, or in which expertise needs to be shared.