20-25 September 2010 in Cargese, Corsica

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Some pictures of the conference are here available.

PDF files with slides of many of the talks given at the conference are available under the "Programme" link.


This International Workshop on Convection, Magnetoconvection and Dynamos is devoted to three of the major themes in astrophysical and geophysical fluid dynamics.

Motions driven by thermal convection play an important role in the dynamical behaviour of all stars. Obtaining a deep understanding of convective transport is absolutely crucial, since convection is often the largest single factor of uncertainty in problems of stellar structure and evolution, stellar pulsation, and in the modelling of stellar atmospheres. Magnetoconvection investigates the influence of a magnetic field on motions driven by thermal convection, and is of particular significance in describing the formation and evolution of stellar surface magnetic features, such as sunspots and starspots. Dynamo theory addresses what might be considered as the fundamental problem in astrophysical and geophysical magnetism; namely, what is the mechanism for maintaining the magnetic field in planets, stars and accretion discs, against its natural tendency otherwise to decay? It is a tremendously complicated problem, seeking to address magnetic field generation in many different bodies and over a vast range of scales.

In addition to their physical importance, all three topics have helped motivate fundamental studies beyond astrophysical and geophysical fluid dynamics, particularly in the areas of nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation theory and pattern formation.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss new research related to all three areas, from an astrophysical, geophysical, fluid dynamical or mathematical perspective. It is also particularly special in that it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the 60th birthday of Mike Proctor, who has made striking contributions to studies of convection, magnetoconvection and dynamo theory.

Organising Committee

  • David HUGHES (Leeds University, UK)
  • Steve TOBIAS (Leeds University, UK)
  • Emmanuel DORMY (CNRS, France)

Scientific Committee

  • Pascale GARAUD (UCSC, USA)
  • Fausto CATTANEO (Chicago University, USA)
  • Jon DAWES (Bath University, UK)

Invited Speakers

  • Jean-Francois DONATI (LATT, France)
  • Stephan FAUVE (ENS, France)
  • David GALLOWAY (Sydney, Australia)
  • Keith JULIEN (Boulder, USA)
  • Edgar KNOBLOCH (Berkeley, USA)[canceled]
  • Jonathan MESTEL (Imperial, UK)
  • Keith MOFFATT (Cambridge, UK)
  • Michael PROCTOR (Cambridge, UK)
  • Laurette TUCKERMAN (ESPCI, France)
  • Nigel WEISS (Cambridge, UK)