Mathematical Aspects of Natural Dynamos

Caramulo, Portugal, August 31 - September 6 , 2003.

Contributed talks and posters

Talks are 15 minutes long, followed by 5 minutes questions.
Posters will be presented in a 2 minutes summary with a single slide on the first day (monday afternoon). They will be displayed during the full week, and a session discussing posters will be held on the last day (friday morning).

Stellar magnetic activity and dynamo action
Presented by Title Type of presentation
Thierry Alboussiere Experimental transition to turbulence of Hartmann layers talk (friday, 16h55)
Alexander Anufriev Amplitudes of the solution at the compressible convection in the Earth's core. talk (monday, 16h35)
Raul Avalos-Zuniga Influence of electromagnetic boundary conditions onto the onset of dynamo action in laboratory experiments poster
Manuel Baptista Stability of MHD flow steady states to perturbations in a large spatial scale of a 3D periodic domain poster
Alberto Bigazzi Non-axisymmetric dynamo modeling of solar preferred longitudes poster
Francois Bouchut Numerical simulation of rotating shallow water flows poster
Mickael Bourgoin MHD induction in swirling flows poster
Axel Brandenburg What is the energy-carrying scale of a solar surface dynamo? talk (thursday, 16h25)
Axel Brandenburg Non-Fickian diffusion and Tau-approximation from numerical turbulence poster
Jozef Brestensky - Magnetic Instabilities Catalysed by Viscosity in the Earth's Core
- Rotating Convection with Soret Effect in the Earth's Core
Martin Breuer The influence of inertia on convection in a rotating spherical shell poster
Nic Brummell A dynamo driven by the interaction of shear and magnetic buoyancy talk (thursday, 16h05)
Allan Sacha Brun The Turbulent Magnetic Sun: A 3-D MHD Approach talk (thursday, 17h05)
Alice Courvoisier Modulated dynamos in cellular flows poster
Stéphane Descombes Order reduction of numerical schemes in the presence of small parameters poster
Peter Frick P.Frick and D.Sokoloff "A simple model of multiscale dynamo" talk (tuesday, 11h45)
Agris Gailitis New results of Riga dynamo experiment and its mathematical background talk (friday, 16h15)
Sílvio Gama Stability oF MHD flow steady states to perturbations in a large spatial scale of a 3D periodic domain poster
David Gerard-Varet Ekman Layers near rough boundaries poster
Nicolas Gillet Experimental and numerical study of developped magneto-convection in a rapidly rotating sphere poster
Uwe Guenther A no-go theorem for isospectral alpha2-dynamos poster
Pavel Hejda Numerical modelling of geodynamo by finite volume method talk (thursday, 11h25)
Peter Hoyng Ab initio calculation of the mean reversal time of a geodynamo model talk (wednesday, 12h05)
David Hughes Dynamo Action in the Presence of a Background Field talk (monday, 16h15)
Alexey Iskakov Application of the finite volume and boundary element methods to the geodynamo talk (wednesday, 11h45)
Evy Kersalé Global MRI and dynamo in accretion discs poster
Nathan Kleeorin Magnetic Helicity Transport and Solar and Galactic Dynamos poster
Maarit Korpi Sources of interstellar turbulence and their relation to dynamo action: a numerical investigation talk (friday, 10h45)
Kirill Kuzanyan Helicity and the alpha-effect in solar dynamo: theory and observations(tentative title) talk (thursday, 16h45)
Gedeon Legaut Secular variation of the Earth's magnetic field poster
Nicolas Leprovost Turbulent diffusion with ambipoar drift poster
Philip Livermore Magnetic energy stability in spherical flows poster
Joanne Mason Models of the Solar Dynamo incorporating Magnetic Pumping poster
Stéphane Mathis Transport in stellar radiation zones with magnetic field poster
Xu Mingtian An integral equation approach to unsteady kinematic dynamos poster
Krzysztof Mizerski Couette flow poster
Vincent Morin Convection in rapidly rotating fluid sphere poster
Manuel Nunez Dynamics of the stretching of magnetic fields talk (monday, 16h55)
Alexandra Pais Exploring the non-uniqueness of inverted CMB flows poster
Franck Plunian Influence of electromagnetic boundary conditions onto the onset of dynamo action in laboratory experiments poster
Yannick Ponty Dynamo action at low magnetic Prandtl number using Large Eddies Simulation poster
Florent Ravelet What happens in a conducting shell surrounding a kinematic cylindrical dynamo ? poster
Karl-Heinz Raedler A remark on kinetic helicity, alpha-effect and dynamo action talk (tuesday, 10h45)
Igor Rogachevskii Electromotive Force in Turbulent Convection and Magnetic Dynamos talk (tuesday, 12h05)
Jon Rotvig Dynamos and convection: mean flow generation talk (thursday, 11h05)
Alexander Ruzmaikin The Non-Axisymmetric Solar Dynamo talk (thursday, 15h45)
Alexander Schekochihin Linear and nonlinear small-scale turbulent dynamo Waves poster
Alexander Schekochihin From Small-Scale Dynamo to Isotropic MHD Turbulence: Folded Fields and Alfven Waves talk (tuesday, 11h05)
Martin Schrinner Mean-field coefficients for geodynamo models poster
Anvar Shukurov Magnetic fields in multi-phase interstellar medium poster
Radostin Dimov Simitev Dynamical Processes and Parameter Dependences of Convection Driven Spherical Dynamos poster
Stephan Stellmach Cartesian small Ekman number dynamos poster
Andreas Tilgner Mode selection in experimental dynamos talk (friday, 16h35)
Steve Tobias The role of spectra in turbulent dynamos talk (tuesday, 11h25)
Romain Volk Induction mechanisms in a von karman flow of liquid gallium poster

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